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 Frankenstein was made in 1931 and was directed by James Whale. This movie is about the creation of  a monster. Dr. Frankenstein played by Colin Clive takes body parts from dead people and creates a monster, played by Boris Karloff, in his laboratory. The monster becomes out of hand when he kills people in the town. The towns people then band together to kill the monster. They find him trying to kill Henry Frankenstein in a windmill. Henry escapes and the men take their torches and burn the windmill to ashes with the monster inside of it.

Book V.S. Movie

    The movie is very different from the book. Some small details are the same but for the most part they are completely different. A different part was how the monster was going around killing people when ever he wanted to. The monster also got an abnormal brain. I believe that was the reason he was killing people. He was not killing because he did not know or like human nature or because of his learning. The movie just blamed it on the fact that he was a monster and he had an abnormal brain. Another difference is that the movie changes the main character's name. In the book Dr. Frankenstein's first name is Victor. But in the movie his first name is Henry. The movie and the book are the same in the way he created the monster. Another part of the movie that was the same as the book was when the monster tried to go kill Elizabeth. The difference is she lived and the towns people killed the monster. In the novel the monster learns human nature and to be kind, but in the movie all he seems to do is kill.

My Opinion                     

    My personal opinion is that this movie was not that good. I was interested in how the movie portrayed the monster. I think the movie does not do justice to the book. I feel that the movie was directed well and the acting was good. But I was not impressed by the overall story. I really enjoyed the book and recommend reading it. But I do think the movie is good to watch if one wants a different story of Frankenstein. I also think the movie is good to watch if one wants to see differences between the book and movie. I would have to say that I would give this movie 7 out of 10 brains.


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